A visa for a short stay (C Visa) shall be issued for tourist and other type travels, for a single or multiple entries into the territory of Montenegro, and for an uninterrupted stay or the total duration of successive stays that shall not exceed 90 days within a period of 180 days, counting from the date of the first entry.

A multiple-entry visa for a short stay (C Visa) shall be valid for not longer than one year.

A multiple-entry visa for a short stay (C Visa) can be issued with a longer validity period, but no longer than five years, as decided by the public administration authority responsible for foreign affairs.

A visa for a short-term stay (C Visa) can be issued to a group of travellers that was formed before making a decision about the travel, if the members of that group enter the territory of Montenegro together, stay there and leave the territory as a group. Such a visa shall not be valid for longer than 30 days. The visa shall be entered into a group passport and may be issued to a group of not less than 5 and not more than 50 persons, whereas the person who leads the group shall have his/her own passport and, when necessary, a visa.

A validity period of no visa for a short-term stay (C Visa) shall be extended, unless required so due to the humanitarian, professional, personal reasons or due to force majeure.

The extension of a visa may be granted to a foreigner if he/she provides an adequate medical, official and other documents proving the existence of the grounds for visa extension.

An application for the extension of the validity period of the visa shall be submitted to the police at the foreigner’s place of residence before the expiry of the visa, in a prescribed form. An application shall be decided upon by the police, which afterward notify the applicant of its decision.

A foreigner may stay in Montenegro until a decision following the application is made.