A transit visa (B Visa) shall be issued to a foreigner for one, two or more travels across the territory of Montenegro.

The visa shall be issued with a validity period of up to six months.

Having a transit visa (B Visa), a foreigner may stay in Montenegro for not longer than five days.

A transit visa (B Visa) may be issued to a foreigner who has an entrance visa of the state that he/she travels to or across whose territory he/she continues his/her travel, unless otherwise stipulated by an international treaty.

A transit visa (B Visa) may be issued and entered into a group passport to a group of travellers that had been formed before a decision about the travel was made, who are passing across the territory of Montenegro together. The visa can be issued to a group of not less than 5 and not more than 50 persons, where the person who leads the group shall own a personal passport and, when necessary, a visa.