Submission of the Registration and the Termination

A foreigner who has been issued a visa for a long-term stay (D visa) or stay in Montenegro for up to 90 days is obliged to submit an application for residence in the place in which he/she intends to stay, in the prescribed form.

In the case of a foreigner who is issued a temporary residence permit, temporary residence and work permit and permanent residence permit intends to temporarily stay in another place in Montenegro for the period longer than eight days, he/she is obliged to submit an a residence notification.

A foreigner shall be obliged to submit an application to stay in the case when in the second position in Montenegro intends to stay longer than 24 hours. A foreigner shall submit application to the police within 24 hours of arrival at the place of residence.

A foreigner shall submit to the police a notification on the residence termination within 24 hours prior to departure from the place of residence, in the prescribed form.

A notification on the residence termination shall not be filed if the foreigner leaves the place of residence at the expiry date of the period specified in the application.

Registration and the termination for the child shall be submitted by a foreigner parent, adoptive parent, guardian, foster parent, or a person to whom a child is entrusted with the custody, care, upbringing and education.

Registration and the termination shall contain the following information: name and surname; gender; identification number; place, country and date of birth; citizenship; place of residence and address in the country of origin; place of residence and address; application date and time of residence; date of cancellation; the type, number, period of validity of a foreign passport or identity card issued by the competent authority of another state; the name of the state and the name of the authority that issued the foreign travel or other document; the type, number, expiration date and place of issue; date and place of entry in Montenegro; surname, first name and identification number of users of the facility where the foreigner resides, and other data if necessary.

Submission of the Registration and Termination of the Accommodation Provider

In the case when the foreigner is using the services of accommodation provider, the obligation of submitting the registration, i.e. the termination of the foreigner’s residence is born by the accommodation provider.

The registration and termination shall be submitted to the police in the place within which the foreigner is applying for the residence within the period of 12 hours of arrival, in the prescribed form.

The registration and termination shall contain the following information: name and seat, i.e. the first and last name of the provider of accommodation; name of the accommodation facility; registration number or personal identification number of theaccommodation provider, and the address to which the foreigner is registering, i.e. registering out from.

A foreigner who uses the services of accommodation shall provide the accommodation provider with the data referred to in the law.

The information for a foreigner lacking operational capabilities, the accommodation provider is provided with the data by the parent, guardian or member of his/her family.

In the process of registering or terminating the residence of an organized group of foreigners, which has at least ten foreigners, with their stay no longer than eight days, it can be submitted a list of group members that, for each member, includes a particulars referred to in the law.

The accommodation provider is obliged to check the authenticity of the information by examining the foreign travel document and that the application for permanent residence and to fulfill the form of the registration or termination of the residence that is to be filed to the police with the accurate information.

Records of the Accommodation Provider

The accommodation provider is obliged to keep the records on foreigners he/she provides the accommodation for.

The accommodation provider shall fulfill the records with the requested data, which must be accurate.

The data in the records shall be kept for two years from the date of entry in the register, after which it can be deleted by the accommodation provider.

The accommodation provider is obliged to allow the Police an access to the records.

The Method of Submission of the Registration and the Termination

The accommodation provider shall submit electronically the foreigner’s residence registration or termination, and if there are no technical possibilities for submitting it electronically, the accommodation provider may submit the foreigner’s residence registration or termination through tourism organizations, or in the prescribed formin writing.

Lack of opportunities for submission of the foreigner's residence registration or termination electronically shall be determined by the police, and notified to the accommodation provider with a certificate.

Submission of Registration Through Tourism Organizations

The foreigner who resides in Montenegro for tourism purposes, and do not use the services of accommodation providers, can submit a foreigner's residence registration or termination form in accordance with the law through a travel organization in the place of residence.

A tourism organizations shall submit electronically to the police the aforementioned registration or termination form.

Other Obligations of the Submission of Registration and Termination

A company, entrepreneurs and a person to whom a foreigner comes to visit for a period up to 90 days and for whom one of the mentioned entities provides an accommodation for longer than 12 hours is required to file to the Police a foreigner's residence registration and termination notice, within 12 hours of arrival or departure of a foreigner.

The medical institution that receives a foreigner for treatment shall be required to submit to the Police a report on the foreigner's stay within 12 hours from the receipt of a foreigner for treatment if the foreigner has not reported his/her stay. The health institution is obliged to file to the Police a form of the termination of a foreigner's stay after the end of treatment within the aforementioned deadline.

The administrative authority responsible for the execution of a sentence of imprisonment and the institution and organization in which the juvenile imprisonment and institutional measures are performed are obliged to file to the Police a foreigner's stay registration and termination form within 12 hours of receipt i.e. check out of a foreigner.

The obligation shall be born by the health or other specialized institution in which the foreigner is located in order to execute security measures or protective measures.

Validity Period of the Registration

The stay registration shall be valid until the expiry of the stay duration specified in the registration.

If the registration does not contain a specified duration of a stay, and the termination has not been submitted, the registration is valid for six months, i.e. for a foreigner with a residence up to 90 days before the expiration of the stay.

Upon expiration of the period of stay specified in the registration, or after the expiration of six months or a stay up to 90 days, the stay is terminated ex officio.

Cases where the Registration of the Residence is not Required

The stay registration need not be filed for a foreigner who:

  • is located in a shelter for victims of violence;
  • is a member of the unit for protection, rescue and aid, if he/she is participating in the elimination of consequences of natural disasters upon the call of the state authorities.