Obligation of Foreign Citizen to Leave Montenegro

A foreign person illegally residing in Montenegro shall leave its territory immediately or within a deadline set forth by the law.

A stay in Montenegro shall be regarded as illegal if a foreigner stays in Montenegro with no visa when the visa is required in accordance with the law, a temporary residence permit, a temporary residence and work permit and permanent residence permit or other legal ground prescribed by the law.

It shall be deemed that a foreign person left Montenegro when he or she enters another country into which he or she is allowed to enter.

If a foreign person considers his/her stay in Montenegro legal, he/she shall be obliged to prove that.

Deadline for Departure from Montenegro

The Police shall issue a decision specifying the deadline within which a foreign person whose residence is illegal must leave the territory of Montenegro, and also, if so required the point of crossing of the state border and an obligation to report to the competent border police official.

A denial of entry into Montenegro may be imposed for a period of one to five years, in accordance with the law.

An appeal against the decision may be lodged to the Ministry within three days following that of its delivery.

The Ministry shall issue a decision on the appeal not later than within eight days following that of its submission.

The execution of the decision shall not be deferred by the appeal.

When setting the time limit, an objective time limit within which the foreign person in question will be able to leave the territory on Montenegro shall be taken into consideration, whereas such deadline may not be longer than 30 days after the issuing of a decision.

Following the request of a foreign person or ex officio, another time limit may be set for a foreign person who failed to leave the territory of Montenegro for justified reasons within 30 days.